Track & Field

Event  Time  
 100m Reggie Walker, S. Afr.10.8 =OR
 James Rector, USA10.9 
 Bobby Kerr, CAN11.0 
 200m Bobby Kerr, CAN 22.6  
 Robert Cloughen, USA22.6 
 Nathaniel Cartmell, USA22.7 
 400m Wyndham Halswelle, GBR 50.0  
 800m Mel Sheppard, USA 1:52.8 WR
 Emilio Lunghi, ITA1:54.2 
 Hanns Braun, GER1:55.2 
1500m Mel Sheppard, USA 4:03.4 OR
 Harold Wilson, GBR4:03.6 
 Norman Hallows, GBR4:04.0 
5 Miles Emil Voigt, GBR 25:11.2  
 Edward Owen, GBR25:24.0 
 John Svanberg, SWE25:37.2 
Marathon Johnny Hayes, USA 2:55:18.4 OR
 Charles Hefferon, S. Afr.2:56:06.0 
 Joseph Forshaw, USA2:57:10.4 
110m H Forrest Smithson, USA 15.0 WR
 John Garrels, USA15.7 
 Arthur Shaw, USA  
400m H Charley Bacon, USA 55.0 WR
 Harry Hillman, USA55.3 
 Leonard Tremeer, GBR57.0 
Arthur Russell, GBR 10:47.8  
 Archie Robertson, GBR10:48.4 
 John Lincoln Eisele, USA  
3500m Walk George Larner, GBR 14:55.0  
 Ernest Webb, GBR15:07.4 
 Harry Kerr, NZL15:43.4 
10-mi Walk George Larner, GBR 1:15:57.4  
 Ernest Webb, GBR1:17:31.0 
 Edward Spencer, GBR1:21:20.2 
Medley Relay USA (William Hamilton, Nathaniel
Cartmell, John Taylor,
Mel Sheppard)
3-mile Relay GBR (Joseph Deakin, Archie
Robertson, Wilfred Coales)
6 pts  
 USA19 pts 
 France32 pts 
Note: Medley Relay made up of two 200m runs, a 400m and an 800m.
Event  Mark  
High Jump Harry Porter, USA 6- 3 OR
 Con Leahy, GBR/IRE6- 2 
 István Somody, HUN6- 2 
 Georges André, FRA6- 2 
Pole Vault Edward Cooke, USA 12- 2 OR
 & Alfred Gilbert, USA12- 2OR
 Ed Archibald, CAN11- 9 
 Charles Jacobs, USA11- 9 
 Bruno Söderström, SWE11- 9 
Long Jump Frank Irons, USA 24- 61/2 OR
 Daniel Kelly, USA23- 33/4 
 Calvin Bricker, CAN23- 3 
Triple Jump Timothy Ahearne, GBR/IRE 48-111/2 OR
 J. Garfield McDonald, CAN48- 51/4 
 Edvard Larsen, NOR47- 23/4 
Shot Put Ralph Rose, USA 46- 71/2  
 Dennis Horgan, GBR44- 81/4 
 John Garrels, USA43- 3 
Discus Martin Sheridan, USA 134- 2 OR
 Merritt Giffin, USA133- 63/4 
 Marquis Horr, USA129- 5 
Greek Discus Martin Sheridan, USA 128- 4 OR
 Marquis Horr, USA122- 63/4 
 Werner Järvinen, FIN119- 91/4 
Hammer John Flanagan, USA 170- 4 OR
 Matthew McGrath, USA167- 11 
 Cornelius Walsh, USA159- 11/2 
Javelin Eric Lemming, SWE 179-10 WR
 Arne Halse, NOR165- 11 
 Otto Nilsson, SWE154- 6 
Eric Lemming, SWE 178- 71/2  
 Michel Dorizas, GRE168- 7 
 Arne Halse, NOR163- 3 
Note: Spinning not allowed in Greek-style Discus.
Standing  Mark
High Jump Ray Ewry, USA 5- 2
 Konstantin Tsiklitiras, GRE5- 71/2
 John Biller, USA5- 71/2
Long Jump Ray Ewry, USA 10-111/4
 Konstantin Tsiklitiras, GRE10- 71/4
 Martin Sheridan, USA10- 7
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