Event Time
Individual Road Race (109 mls)Harry Stenqvist, SWE4:40:01.8
 Henry Kaltenbrunn, S. Afr.4:41:26.6
 Fernand Canteloube, FRA4:42:54.4
Team Road RaceFrance19:16:43.2
50 km TrackHenry George, BEL1:16:43.2
 Cyril Alden, GBR 
 Piet Ikelaar, NED 
1000 m SprintMaurice Peeters, NED1:38.3
 Thomas Johnson, GBR 
 Harry Ryan, GBR 
2000 m TandemGreat Britain2:49.4
 South Africa 
4000 m Team PursuitItaly5:20.0
 Great Britain 
 South Africa 
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