Event Time
Individual Road Race (62 mls)Attilio Pavesi, ITA2:28:05.6
 Guglielmo Segato, ITA2:29:21.4
 Bernhard Britz, SWE2:29:45.2
Team Road RaceItaly7:27:15.2
1000 m Time TrialEdgar Gray, AUS1:13.0
 Jacobus v.Egmond, NED1:13.3
 Charles Rampelberg, FRA1:13.4
1000 m SprintJacobus v.Egmond, NED12.6
 Louis Chaillot, FRA 
 Bruno Pellizzari, ITA 
2000 m TandemFrance12.0
 Great Britain 
4000 m Team PursuitItaly4:53.0
 Great Britain4:56.0
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