Leading Medal Winners

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.


No  Sport G-S-B
6 Konrad Frey, GER Gymnastics 3-1-2
5 Alfred Schwarzmann, GER Gymnastics 3-0-2
5 Eugen Mack, SWI Gymnastics 0-4-1
4 Jesse Owens, USA Track/Field 4-0-0
3 Robert Charpentier, FRA Cycling 3-0-0
3 Guy Lapébie, FRA Cycling 2-1-0
3 Jack Medica, USA Swimming 1-2-0
3 Matthias Volz, GER Gymnastics 1-0-2


No  Sport G-S-B
4 Rie Mastenbroek, NED Swimming 3-1-0
2 Helen Stephens, USA Track/Field 2-0-0
2 Dorothy Poynton Hill, USA Diving 1-0-1
2 Gisela Arendt, GER Swimming 0-1-1
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