Three-Day EventPetrus Kastennmann, SWE–66.53
 August Lütke-Westhues, GER*–84.87
 Frank Weldon, GBR–85.48
Three-Day Event (Team)Great Britain–355.48
Grand Prix (Dressage)Henri Saint Cyr, SWE860.0
 Lis Hartel, DEN850.0
 Liselott Linsenhoff, GER*832.0
Grand Prix (Dressage) — TeamSweden2475
Grand Prix (Jumping)Hans Günter Winkler, GER*–4
 Raimondo d'Inzeo, ITA–8
 Piero d'Inzeo, ITA–11
Grand Prix (Jumping) — TeamGermany*–40.00
 Great Britain–69.00
* representing a combined German team
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