Canoe Slalom

These are the medal winners of the men's and women's canoe slalom events at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.


Event Score
Kayak 1Alexander Grimm, GER171.70
 Fabien Lefevre, FRA173.30
 Benjamin Boukpeti, TGO173.45
Canadian 1Michal Martikan, SVK176.65
 David Florence, GBR178.61
 Robin Bell, AUS180.59
Canadian 2Hochschorner/Hochschorner, SVK190.82
 Volf/Stepanek, CZE192.89
 Kuznetsov/Larionov, RUS197.37


Event Score
Kayak 1Elena Kaliska, SVK192.64
 Jacqueline Lawrence, AUS206.94
 Violetta Oblinger Peters, AUT214.77

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