National Basketball Association Final Standings, 2005–2006

Eastern Conference

Atlantic DivisionWLPctGB
Toronto Raptors14735.573
New Jersey Nets24141.5006
Philadelphia 76ers 3547.42712
New York Knicks3349.40214
Boston Celtics2458.29323

Central DivisionWLPctGB
Detroit Pistons15329.646
Cleveland Cavaliers25032.6103
Chicago Bulls24933.5984
Indiana Pacers3547.42718
Milwaukee Bucks2854.34125

Southeast DivisionWLPctGB
Miami Heat14438.537
Washington Wizards24141.5003
Orlando Magic24042.4884
Charlotte Bobcats3349.40211
Atlanta Hawks3052.36614

Western Conference

Northwest DivisionWLPctGB
Utah Jazz15131.622
Denver Nuggets24537.5496
Minnesota Timberwolves3249.39018.5
Portland Trail Blazers3250.39019
Seattle Supersonics3151.37820

Pacific DivisionWLPctGB
Phoenix Suns16121.744
L.A. Lakers24240.51219
Golden State Warriors24240.51219
L.A. Clippers4042.48821
Sacramento Kings3249.39028.5

Southwest DivisionWLPctGB
Dallas Mavericks16715.817
San Antonio Spurs25824.7079
Houston Rockets25230.63415
New Orleans/
 Oklahoma City Hornets
Memphis Grizzlies2260.26845
1. Division champion.
2. Playoff qualifier.
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