Medalists by Event: Nordic Combined

Ski jumping followed by a cross country race. Judges stopped converting cross country times into points after the 1994 Games. The times listed are final cross country times adjusted to include the competitors' staggered start time. The staggered start is determined by the Gundersen Method, which is a table that converts final ski jumping point differentials into time intervals. For example, a skier trailing by 1.5 points after the jumping section would start nine seconds behind the leader.

Multiple gold medals: Samppa Lajunen and Ulrich Wehling (3); Bjarte Engen Vik, Johan Gröttumsbråten, Fred Boerre Lundberg, Takanori Kono and Kenji Ogiwara (2).


Year  Points
1924 Thorleif Haug, NOR 18.906
1928 Johan Gröttumsbråten, NOR 17.833
1932 Johan Gröttumsbråten, NOR 446.00
1936 Oddbjörn Hagen, NOR 430.3
1948 Heikki Hasu, FIN 448.80
1952 Simon Slattvik, NOR 451.621
1956 Sverre Stenersen, NOR 455.000
1960 Georg Thoma, GER 457.952
1964 Tormod Knutsen, NOR 469.28
1968 Franz Keller, W. Ger 449.04
1972 Ulrich Wehling, E. Ger 413.340
1976 Ulrich Wehling, E. Ger 423.39
1980 Ulrich Wehling, E. Ger 432.200
1984 Tom Sandberg, NOR 422.595
1988 Hippolyt Kempf, SWI 432.230
1992 Fabrice Guy, FRA 426.470
1994 Fred Borre Lundberg, NOR 457.970
1998Bjarte Engen Vik, NOR41:21.1
2002Samppa Lajunen, FIN39:11.7


New event in 2002.

Year  Time
2002 Samppa Lajunen, FIN16:40.1


Year  Points
1988 West Germany 792.08
1992 Japan 1247.180
1994 Japan 1368.860