Medalists by Event: Short Track Speed Skating

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Men's Olympic Short Track Speed Skating

Multiple gold medals (including relays): Marc Gagnon and Kim Ki-Hoon (3).

500 meters

Year Time
1994 Chae Ji-Hoon, S. Kor.43.45
1998Takafumi Nishitani, JPN42.862
2002Marc Gagnon, CAN41.802OR

1000 meters

Year Time
1992 Kim Ki-Hoon, S. Kor.1:30.76WR
1994 Kim Ki-Hoon, S. Kor.1:34.57
1998Kim Dong-Sung, S. Kor.1:32.375
2002Steven Bradbury, AUS1:29.109

1500 meters

Year Time
2002Apolo Anton Ohno, USA*2:18.541
*Ohno finished second to South Korea's Kim Dong-Sung, who was disqualifed for cross-tracking.

5000?m Relay

Year Time
1992 South Korea7:14.02WR
1994 Italy7:11.74OR

Women's Olympic Short Track Speed Skating

Multiple gold medals (including relays): Chun Lee-Kyung (4); Kim Yun-Mi, Annie Perrault, Cathy Turner, Won Hye-Kyung and Yang Yang (A) (2)

500 meters

Year Time
1992Cathy Turner, USA47.04
1994Cathy Turner, USA45.98OR
1998Annie Perrault, CAN46.568
2002Yang Yang (A), CHN44.187

1000 meters

Year Time
1994Chun Lee-Kyung, S. Kor.1:36.87
1998Chun Lee-Kyung, S. Kor.1:42.776
2002Yang Yang (A), CHN1:36.391

1500 meters

Year Time
2002Ko Gi-Hyun, S. Kor.2:31.581

3000?m Relay

Year Time
1992 Canada4:36.62
1994 South Korea4:26.64WR
1998South Korea4:16.260WR
2002South Korea4:12.793WR
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