Medalists by Event: Soccer

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Men's Olympic Soccer

Multiple gold medals: Great Britain and Hungary (3); Uruguay and USSR (2).

1900 Great Britain, France, Belgium
1904 Canada, USA I, USA II
1906 Denmark, Smyrna (Int'l entry), Greece
1908 Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands
1912 Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands
1920 Belgium, Spain, Netherlands
1924 Uruguay, Switzerland, Sweden
1928 Uruguay, Argentina, Italy
1936 Italy, Austria, Norway
1948 Sweden, Yugoslavia, Denmark
1952 Hungary, Yugoslavia, Sweden
1956 Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria
1960 Yugoslavia, Denmark, Hungary
1964 Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany
1968 Hungary, Bulgaria, Japan
1972 Poland, Hungary, East Germany & Soviet Union
1976 East Germany, Poland, Soviet Union
1980 Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Soviet Union
1984 France, Brazil, Yugoslavia
1988 Soviet Union, Brazil, West Germany
1992 Spain, Poland, Ghana
1996Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil
2000Cameroon, Spain, Chile
2004 Argentina, Paraguay, Italy

Women's Olympic Soccer

Multiple gold medals: United States (2).

1996United States, China, Norway
2000Norway, United States, Germany
2004 United States, Brazil, Germany
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