League Championship—Super Bowl XLI

(Feb. 4, 2007, Dolphin Stadium, Miami Fla. Attendance: 74,512)


  1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q Final
Indianapolis 6 10 6 7 29
Chicago 14 0 3 0 17
1st: CHI—TD: 92-yd run by Hester (Gould kick) , 0:14. IND—TD: 53-yd pass from Manning to Wayne (Pat Failed), 8:10. CHI—TD: 4-yd pass from Grossman to Muhammad (Gould kick), 10:26.
2nd: IND—FG: 29-yd by Vinatieri, 3:43. IND—TD: 1-yd run by Rhodes (Vinatieri kick), 8:51.
3rd: IND—FG: 24-yd by Vinatieri, 7:34. IND—FG: 20-yd by Vinatieri, 11:44. CHI—FG: 44-yd by Gould, 13:46.
4th: IND—TD: 56-yd run by Hayden (Vinatieri kick) 3:16.
MVP: Peyton Manning, Indianapolis quarterback.
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