National Football League Final Standings 2004

National Football League Final Standings 2004

American Football Conference

New England Patriots11420.875437260
New York Jets21060.625333261
Buffalo Bills970.562395284
Miami Dolphins4120.250275354
Pittsburgh Steelers11510.938372251
Baltimore Ravens970.562317268
Cincinnati Bengals 880.500374372
Cleveland Browns4120.250276390
Indianapolis Colts11240.750522351
Jacksonville Jaguars970.562261280
Houston Texans790.438309339
Tennessee Titans5110.312344439
San Diego Chargers11240.750446313
Denver Broncos21060.625381304
Kansas City Chiefs790.438483435
Oakland Raiders5110.312320442
1. Division champion.
2. Wild card qualifier for playoffs.
Wild card: Jan. 8, 2005: New York 20, San Diego 17; Jan. 9: Indianapolis 49, Denver 24. Division: Jan. 15, 2005: Pittsburgh 20, New York 17; Jan. 16: New England 20, Indianapolis 3. Conference: Jan. 23: New England 41, Pittsburgh 27.
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