Medal breakdown (3 events): Four medals—Germany (2-1-1); Three—United States (1-1-1); Two—Switzerland (0-1-1).


1Germany I3:10.11
2Switzerland I3:10.20
3Switzerland II3:10.62
GER I—Christoph Langen & Markus Zimmermann; SWI I—Christian Reich & Steve Anderhub; SWI II—Martin Annen & Beat Hefti.
Top 10 USA: 4th, USA I—Todd Hays & Garrett Hines (3:10.65).


1United States II1:37.76
2Germany I1:38.06
3Germany II1:38.29
USA II—Jill Bakken & Vonetta Flowers; GER I—Sandra Prokoff & Ulrike Holzner; GER II—Susi-Lisa Erdmann & Nicole Herschmann.
Other top 10 USA: 5th, USA I— Jean Racine & Gea Johnson (1:38.73).


1Germany II3:07.51
2United States I3:07.81
3United States II3:07.86
GER II—Andre Lange, Enrico Kuehn, Kevin Kuske, Carsten Embach; USA I—Todd Hays, Randy Jones, Bill Schuffenhauer, Garrett Hines; USA II—Brian Shimer, Mike Kohn, Doug Sharp, Dan Steele.
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