2002 Olympics: Freestyle Skiing

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Aerials consist of two jumps with points awarded for execution and precision (50%), height and distance (20%) and landing (30%). Moguls consist of turns executed on a bumpy course (50%), two aerials (25%) and elapsed time (25%).

Medal breakdown (4 events): Three medals—United States (0-3-0); Two—Canada (0-1-1); One—Australia (1-0-0), Czech Republic (1-0-0), Finland (1-0-0), Norway (1-0-0), Belarus (0-0-1), France (0-0-1) and Japan (0-0-1).



1Ales Valenta, CZR257.02
2Joe Pack, USA251.64
3Alexei Grichin, BEL251.19
Other top 10 USA: 6th, Brian Currutt (245.19); 9th, Jeret Peterson (238.05).


1Janne Lahtela, FIN27.97
2Travis Mayer, USA27.59
3Richard Gay, FRA26.91
Other top 10 USA: 4th, Jonny Moseley (26.78); 9th, Jeremy Bloom (26.19).



1Alisa Camplin, AUS193.47
2Veronica Brenner, CAN190.02
3Deidre Dionne, CAN189.26
Best USA: 14th, Tracy Evans (152.07).


1Kari Traa, NOR25.94
2Shannon Bahrke, USA25.06
3Tae Satoya, JPN24.85
Other top 10 USA: 5th, Hannah Hardaway (24.77); 7th, Ann Battelle (24.62).
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