2002 Olympics: Nordic Combined

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Each event consists of a ski jump followed by a cross country race (freestyle). The cross country starting order in all events is determined by finish in ski jump. The Sprint event was added in 2002. The Jump column shows the athlete's final jump score, in points, with place in parentheses. Cross country times shown are adjusted to include the competitors' staggered start time.

Medal breakdown (3 events): Four medals—Finland (3-1-0); Three—Austria (0-0-3); Two—Germany (0-2-0).


Two jumps off normal hill followed the next day by a 15-km cross-country race.

1Samppa Lajunen, FIN257.0  (3)39:11.7
2Jaakko Tallus, FIN267.5  (1)39:36.4
3Felix Gottwald, AUT235.0 (11)40:06.5
Best USA: 7th, Todd Lodwick (240.5 (7), 41:39.4)


One jump off large hill followed the next day by a 7.5-km cross-country race.

1Samppa Lajunen, FIN123.8  (1)16:40.1
2Ronny Ackermann, GER119.9  (2)16:49.1
3Felix Gottwald, AUT110.3 (11)17:20.3
Best USA: 5th, Todd Lodwick (109.0 (12), 17:32.1)


Two jumps off normal hill for each team's four skiers followed the next day by a 4 x 5-km cross-country relay race.

1Finland967.5 (1)48:42.2
2Germany893.5 (5)48:49.7
3Austria938.5 (2)48:53.2
FIN—Jari Mantila, Hannu Manninen, Jaakko Tallus, Samppa Lajunen; GER—Bjoern Kircheisen, Georg Hettich, Marcel Hoehlig, Ronny Ackermann; AUT—Christoph Bieler, Michael Gruber, Mario Stecher, Felix Gottwald.
USA entry: 4th, Todd Lodwick, Bill Demong, Johnny Spillane, Matt Dayton (905.0 (3), 49:54.1).
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