1998 Olympics: Ski Jumping

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Each contestant gets two jumps with points awarded for distance and style. The normal hill is 90 meters (295 feet) and the large hill is 120 meters (394 feet).

Medal breakdown (3 events): Four medals— Japan (2-1-1); Two— Finland (1-1-0) and Austria (0-0-2); One— Germany (0-1-0).

Normal Hill

  1st (ft)2nd (ft)Pts
1Jani Soininen, FIN295292234.5
2Kazuyoshi Funaki, JPN287297233.5
3Andreas Widhoelzl, AUT289270232.5
Best USA: No Americans qualified for final.

Large Hill

  1st (ft)2nd (ft)Pts
1Kazuyoshi Funaki, JPN413435272.3
2Jani Soininen, FIN425415260.8
3Masahiko Harada, JPN394446258.3
Best USA: 30th, Casey Colby (298, 298; 165.8 pts)

Team (Large Hill)

JPN— Takanobu Okabe, Hiroya Saito, Masahiko Harada, Kazuyoshi Funaki; GER— Sven Hannawald, Martin Schmitt, Hansjoerg Jaekle, Dieter Thoma; AUT— Reinhard Schwarzenberger, Martin Hoellwarth, Stefan Horngacher, Andreas Widhoelzl.
USA entry: 12th; Michael Keuler, Alan Alborn, Randy Weber, Casey Colby (490.7 pts).
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