500 meters

1Meng Wang, CHN44.345 
2Evgenia Radanova, BUL44.374 
3Anouk Leblanc-Boucher, CHN44.759 

1000 meters

1Sun-Yu Jin, KOR 1:32.859 
2Meng Wang, CHN1:33.079 
3Yang Yang (A), CHN1:33.937 

1500 meters

1Sun-Yu Jin, KOR2:23.494 
2Eun-Kyung Choi, KOR2:24.069 
3Meng Wang, CHN2:24.469 

3000–m Relay

1South Korea4:17.040 

KOR—Byun, Jin, Jeon, Choi; CAN—Kraus, Leblanc-Boucher, Roberge, Vicent; ITA—Fontana, Zini, Zini, Capurso.

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