Speed Skating: World Short Track Championships, 2006

(March 31–April 2, Minneapolis, Minn.)

Men Time
500 m—Francois-Louis Tremblay, Canada41.439
1,000 m—Ahn Hyun-Soo, South Korea1:27.631
1,500 m—Ahn Hyun-Soo, South Korea2:20.572
3,000 m—Charles Hamelin, Canada5:28.105
5,000 m relay—Canada6:49.282
Women Time
500 m—Wang Men, China44.006
1,000 m—Jin Sun-Yu, South Korea1:32.767
1,500 m—Jin Sun-Yu, South Korea2:21.948
3,000 m—Jin Sun-Yu, South Korea5:33.694
3,000 m relay—China4:17.194
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