2006 Olympics: Speed Skating, Men's

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500 meters

Times reflected are a combination of two heats with each skater racing once on the inside lane and once on the outside lane.

1Joey Cheek, USA1:09.76 
2Dmitry Dorofeyev, RUS1:10.41 
3Kang Seok Lee, KOR1:10.43 

1000 meters

1Shani Davis, USA1:08.89 
2Joey Cheek, USA1:09.16 
3Erben Wennemars, NED1:09.32 

1500 meters

1Enrico Fabris, ITA1:45.97 
2Shani Davis, USA1:46.13 
3Chad Hedrick, USA1:46.22 

5000 meters

1Chad Hedrick, USA6:14.68 
2Sven Kramer, NED6:16.40 
3Enrico Fabris, ITA6:18.25 

10,000 meters

1Bob de Jong, NED13:01.57 
2Chad Hedrick, USA13:05.40 
3Carl Verheijen, NED13:08.80 

Team Pursuit


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