1912 Olympics

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The belligerence of 1908 was replaced with benevolence four years later, as Sweden provided a well-organized and pleasant haven for the troubled Games.

And then there were Jim Thorpe and Hannes Kolehmainen.

Thorpe, a 24-year-old American Indian who was a two-time consensus All-America football player at Carlisle (Pa.) Institute, won the two most demanding events in track and field–the pentathlon and decathlon. And he did it with ease. “You sir,” said the Swedes' King Gustav V at the medal ceremony, “are the greatest athlete in the world.” To which Thorpe is said to have replied, “Thanks, King.”

Kolehmainen, a 22-year-old Finnish vegetarian, ran away with three distance events being run for the first time–the 5,000 and 10,000-meter races and the 12,000-meter cross-country run. He also picked up a silver medal in the 12,000-meter team race.

Ralph Craig of the U.S. was the only other winner of two individual track gold medals, taking both the 100 and 200-meter runs. The 100 final had seven false starts, one with Craig sprinting the entire distance before being called back.

Although Thorpe returned to the U.S. a hero, a year later it was learned that he had played semi-pro baseball for $25 a week in 1909 and 1910. The IOC, with the full support of the American Olympic Committee, stripped him of his medals and erased his records.

The medals and records were restored in 1982–29 years after Thorpe's death.

Top 10 Standings

National medal standings are not recognized by the IOC. The unofficial point totals are based on 3 points for a gold medal, 2 for a silver and 1 for a bronze.

  Gold Silver Bronze Total Pts
1 Sweden 23 24 17 64 134
2 USA 25 18 20 63 131
3 Great Britain 10 15 16 41 76
4 Finland 9 8 9 26 52
5 Germany 5 13 7 25 48
6 France 7 4 3 14 32
7 Denmark 1 6 5 12 20
8 Norway 3 2 5 10 18
9 Canada 3 2 3 8 16
 Hungary 3 2 3 8 16
 South Africa 4 2 0 6 16

Leading Medal Winners

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.


No  Sport G-S-B
6 Louis Richardet, SWI Shooting 4-2-0
5 Wilhelm Carlberg, SWE Shooting 3-2-0
4 Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN Track/Field 3-1-0
4 Eric Carlberg, SWE Shooting 2-2-0
4 Johan von Holst, SWE Shooting 2-1-1
4 Carl Osburn, USA Shooting 1-2-1
3 Alfred Lane, USA Shooting 3-0-0
3 Åke Lundeberg, SWE Shooting 2-1-0
3 Frederick Hird, USA Shooting 2-0-1
3 Jean Cariou, FRA Equestrian 1-1-1
3 Charles Dixon, GBR Tennis 1-1-1
3 Harold Hardwick, AUS Swimming 1-0-2
3 Jack Hatfield, GBR Swimming 0-2-1
3 Charles Stewart, GBR Shooting 0-0-3


No  Sport G-S-B
2 Edith Hannam, GBR Tennis 2-0-0
2 Jennie Fletcher, GBR Swimming 1-0-1
2 Sigrid Fick, SWE Tennis 0-1-1

Track & Field

Event  Time  
 100m Ralph Craig, USA 10.8 =OR
 Alvah Meyer, USA10.9 
 Donald Lippincott, USA10.9 
 200m Ralph Craig, USA 21.7  
 Donald Lippincott, USA21.8 
 William Applegarth, GBR22.0 
 400m Charlie Reidpath, USA 48.2 OR
 Hanns Braun, GER48.3 
 Edward Lindberg, USA48.4 
 800m Ted Meredith, USA 1:51.9 WR
 Melvin Sheppard, USA1:52.0 
 Ira Davenport, USA1:52.0 
1500m Arnold Jackson, GBR 3:56.8 OR
 Abel Kiviat, USA3:56.9 
 Norman Taber, USA3:56.9 
5000m Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN 14:36.6 WR
 Jean Bouin, FRA14:36.7 
 George Hutson, GBR15:07.6 
10,000m Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN 31:20.8  
 Louis Tewanima, USA32:06.6 
 Albin Stenroos, FIN32:21.8 
Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN 45:11.6  
 Hjalmar Andersson, SWE45:44.8 
 John Eke, SWE46:37.6 
Marathon Kenneth McArthur, S. Afr.2:36:54.8  
 Christian Gitsham, S. Afr.2:37:52.0 
 Gaston Strobino, USA2:38:42.4 
110m H Frederick Kelly, USA 15.1  
 James Wendell, USA15.2 
 Martin Hawkins, USA15.3 
10k Walk George Goulding, CAN 46:28.4  
 Ernest Webb, GBR46:50.4 
 Fernando Altimani, ITA47:37.6 
4x100m GBR (David Jacobs, Harold
Macintosh, Victor d'Arcy,
William Applegarth)
42.4 OR
4x400m USA (Mel Sheppard, Edward
Lindberg, Ted Meredith,
Charlie Reidpath)
3:16.6 WR
3000m Team USA (Tel Berna, Norman Taber,
George Bonhag)
9 pts  
 SWE13 pts 
 GBR23 pts 
SWE (Hjalmar Andersson, John
Eke, Josef Ternström)
10 pts  
 FIN11 pts 
 GBR49 pts 
Event  Mark  
High Jump Alma Richards, USA 6- 4 OR
 Hans Liesche, GER6- 31/4 
 George Horine, USA6- 21/2 
Pole Vault Harry Babcock, USA 12-111/2 OR
 Marcus Wright, USA12- 71/2 
 Frank Nelson, USA12- 71/2 
Long Jump Albert Gutterson, USA 24-111/4 OR
 Calvin Bricker, CAN23- 73/4 
 Georg Aberg, SWE23- 61/2 
Triple Jump Gustaf Lindblom, SWE 48-51/4  
 Georg Aberg, SWE47- 71/4 
 Erik Almlöf, SWE89- 81/4 
Shot Put Babe McDonald, USA 50- 4 OR
 Ralph Rose, USA50- 01/4 
 Lawrence Whitney, USA46- 5 
Discus Armas Taipale, FIN 148- 3 OR
 Richard Byrd, USA138- 10 
 James Duncan, USA138- 81/2 
Hammer Matt McGrath, USA 179- 7 OR
 Duncan Gillis, CAN158- 9 
 Clarence Childs, USA158- 0 
Javelin Erik Lemming, SWE 198-11 WR
 Juho Saaristo, FIN192- 5 
 Mór Kóczán, HUN182- 1 
Pentathlon Jim Thorpe, USA 7 pts  
 James Donahue, USA24 pts 
 Frank Lukemann, CAN24 pts 
Decathlon Jim Thorpe, USA 8412 pts WR
 Charles Lomberg, SWE7413.510 
 Gösta Holmér, SWE7347.855 
Event  Mark
High Jump Platt Adams, USA 5- 41/4
 Benjamin Adams, USA5- 3
 Konstantin Tsiklitiras, GRE5- 11/4
Long Jump Konstantin Tsiklitiras, GRE 11-03/4
 Platt Adams, USA11- 01/2
 Benjamin Adams, USA10- 91/4
Both Hands Mark
Shot Put Ralph Rose, USA 90-101/2
 Patrick McDonald, USA50- 4
 Elmer Niklander, FIN89- 81/4
Discus Armas Taipale, FIN 271-10
 Elmer Niklander, FIN255- 111/2
 Emil Magnusson, SWE254- 01/2
Javelin Juho Saaristo, FIN 359- 0
 Väinö Siikaniemi, FIN332- 01/2
 Urho Peltonen, FIN329- 81/2



Event  Time  
 100m Free Duke Kahanamoku, USA 1:03.4  
 Cecil Healey, AUS1:04.6 
 Kenneth Huszagh, USA1:05.6 
 400m Free George Hodgson, CAN 5:24.4  
 John Hatfield, GBR5:28.8 
 Harold Hardwick, AUS5:31.2 
1500m Free George Hodgson, CAN 22:00.0 WR
 John Hatfield, GBR22:39.0 
 Harold Hardwick, AUS23:15.4 
 100m Back Harry Hebner, USA 1:21.2  
 Otto Fahr, GER1:22.4 
 Paul Kellner, GER1:24.0 
 200m Brst Walter Bathe, GER 3:01.8 OR
 Wilhelm Lützow, GER3:05.0 
 Kurt Malisch, GER3:08.0 
 400m Brst Walter Bathe, GER 6:29.6 OR
 Thor Henning, SWE6:35.6 
 Percy Courtman, GBR6:36.4 
4x200m Free AUS (Cecil Healy, Malcolm
Champion, Leslie Boardman,
Harold Hardwick)
10:11.6 WR
Diving  Points
Spring Paul Günther, GER 79.23
 Hans Luber, GER76.78
 Kurt Behrens, GER73.73
Platform Erik Adlerz, SWE 73.94
 Albert Zürner, GER72.60
 Gustaf Blomgren, SWE69.56
Plain High Erik Adlerz, SWE 40.0
 Hjalmar Johansson, SWE39.3
 John Jansson, SWE39.1


Event  Time  
 100m Free Fanny Durack, AUS 1:22.2  
 Wilhelmina Wylie, AUS1:25.4 
 Jennie Fletcher, GBR1:27.0 
4x100m Free GBR (Bella Moore, Jennie
Fletcher, Annie Speirs,
Irene Steer)
5:52.8 WR
Diving  Points
Platform Greta Johansson, SWE 39.9
 Lisa Regnell, SWE36.0
 Isabelle White, GBR34.0

Team Sports

Sports Champion
Soccer Great Britain
Tug-of-War Sweden
Water Polo Great Britain


Event Time
Individual Road Race (200 miles)Rudolph Lewis, S. Afr.10:42:39.0
 Frederick Grubb, GBR10:51:24.2
 Carl Schutte, USA10:52:38.8
Team Road RaceSweden44:35:33.6
 Great Britain44:44:39.2


Event Other
Three-Day EventAxel Nordlander, SWE46.59
 Friedrich v. Rochow, GER46.42
 Jean Cariou, FRA46.32
Three-Day Event TeamSweden139.06
Grand Prix (Dressage)Carl Bonde, SWE15
 Gustav Adolf Boltenstern, SWE21
 Hans v. Blixen-Finecke, SWE32
Grand Prix (Jumping)Jean Cariou, FRA186
 Rabod Wilhelm v. Kröcher, GER186
 Emanuel de Blommaert de Soye, BEL185
Grand Prix (Jumping) TeamSweden545


Event Other
Individual FoilNedo Nadi, ITA7
 Pietro Speciale, ITA5
 Richard Verderber, AUT4
Individual ÉpéePaul Anspach, BEL6
 Ivan Osiier, DEN5
 Philippe Le Hardy de Beaulieu, BEL4
Team ÉpéeBelgium 
 Great Britain 
Individual SabreJenö Fuchs, HUN6
 Béla Békéssy, HUN5/5
 Ervin Mészáros, HUN5/6
Team SabreHungary 


Event Other
Individual Combined ExercisesAlberto Braglia, ITA135.0
 Louis Ségura, FRA132.5
 Adolfo Tunesi, ITA131.5
 Great Britain184.50
Swedish System (Men's Teams)Sweden937.46
Free System (Men's Teams)Norway114.25

Modern Pentathlon

Gustaf Lilliehöök, SWE27
Gösta Asbrink, SWE28
Georg de Laval, SWE30


Event Time
Single ScullsWilliam Kinnear, GBR7:47.6
 Polydore Veirman, BEL7:56.0
 Everard Butler, CAN 
 Mikhail Kusik, RUS 
Coxed FoursGermany6:59.4
 Great Britain 
 Denmark / Norway 
Coxed Fours (Inriggers)Denmark7:47.0
Coxed EightsGreat Britain6:15.0
 Great Britain6:19.0
† Denmark and Norway were joint bronze medallists.


Event Other
Free Rifles (3 Positions)Paul Colas, FRA987
 Lars Jörgen Madsen, DEN981
 Niels Larsen, DEN962
Free Rifle (Team)Sweden5655
Military RiflePaul Colas, FRA94
 Carl Osburn, USA94
 Joseph Jackson, USA93
Military Rifle (Team)USA1687
 Great Britain1602
Small-Bore Rifle (Prone)Frederick Hird, USA194
 William Milne, GBR193
 Harry Burt, GBR192
Small-Bore Rifle (Team)Sweden925
 Great Britain917
Small-Bore Rifle (Disappearing Target)Wilhelm Carlberg, SWE242
 Johan von Holst, SWE233
 Gustaf Ericsson, SWE231
Rapid-Fire PistolAlfred Lane, USA499
 Paul Palen, SWE286
 Johan von Holst, SWE283
Free Pistol (50m)Alfred Lane, USA496
 Peter Dolfen, USA474
 Charles Stewart, GBR470
Team EventUSA1916
 Great Britain1804
Olympic Trap ShootingJames Graham, USA96
 Alfred Goldel, GER94
 Harry Blau, RUS91
Clay Pigeons (Team)USA532
 Great Britain511
Running Deer ShootingAlfred Swahn, SWE41
 Ake Lundberg, SWE41
 Nestori Toivonen, FIN41
Running Deer Shooting (Team)Sweden151
Running Deer Shooting (Double Shot)Ake Lundberg, SWE79
 Edward Benedicks, SWE74
 Oscar Swahn, SWE72



SinglesCharles Winslow, S. Afr. 
 Harold Kitson, S. Afr. 
 Oscar Kreuzer, GER 
Singles (Indoor)André Gobert, FRA8:6. 6:4. 6:4
 Charles Dixon, GBR 
 Anthony Wilding, AUS 
DoublesCharles Winslow / Harold Kitson, S. Afr. 
 Felix Pipes / Arthur Aborzil, AUT 
 Albert Canet / Marc de Marangue, FRA 
Doubles (Indoor)André Gobert / Maurice Gernot, FRA 
 Gunnar Setterwall / Carl Kempe, SWE 
 Charles Dixon / Alfred Beamish, GBR 


SinglesMarguerite Broquedis, FRA
 Dora Köring, GER
 Molla Bjurstedt, NOR
Singles (Indoor)Edith Hannan, GBR
 Thora Castenschiold, DEN
 Mabel Parton, GBR


DoublesDora Köring / Heinrich Schomburgk, GER
 Sigrid Fick / Gunnar Setterwall, SWE
 Marguerite Broquedis / Albert Canet, FRA
Doubles (Indoor)Edith Hannan / Charles Dixon, GBR
 Helen Aitchison / Herbert Roper-Barre, GBR
 Sigrid Fick / Gunnar Setterwall, SWE

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Featherweight (-132 1/4 lb)Kaarlo Koskelo, FIN
 Georg Gerstacker, GER
 Otto Lasanen, FIN
Lightweight (-148 3/4 lb)Eemel Väre, FIN
 Gustaf Malmström, SWE
 Edvin Matiasson, SWE
Middleweight (-165 1/4 lb)Claes Johansson, SWE
 Martin Klein, RUS
 Alfred Asikainen, FIN
Light-Heavyweight (-181 3/4 lb) 
 Anders Ahlgren, SWE
 Ivar Böhling, FIN
 Béla Varga, HUN
Heavyweight (+181 3/4 lb)Yrjö Saarela, FIN
 Johan Olin, FIN
 Sören Jensen, DEN


6 mFrance
8 mNorway
10 mSweden
12 mNorway
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