Figure Skating–Men

1908 Ulrich Salchow, Sweden
1920 Gillis Grafström, Sweden
1924 Gillis Grafström, Sweden
1928 Gillis Grafström, Sweden
1932 Karl Schäfer, Austria
1936 Karl Schäfer, Austria
1948 Dick Button, United States
1952 Dick Button, United States
1956 Hayes Alan Jenkins, United States
1960 David Jenkins, United States
1964 Manfred Schnelldorfer, Germany
1968 Wolfgang Schwarz, Austria
1972 Ondrej Nepela, Czechoslovakia
1976 John Curry, Great Britain
1980 Robin Cousins, Great Britain
1984 Scott Hamilton, United States
1988 Brian Boitano, United States
1992 Viktor Petrenko, Unified Team*
1994 Alexei Urmanov, Russia
1998Ilia Kulik, Russia
2002Alexei Yagudin, Russia
2006Yevgeny Plushenko, Russia
*Former Soviet Union team.
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