Winter Olympics Through the Years: 1932

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Lake Placid

Back in 1928, American Irving Jaffee had the fastest time in the 10,000–meter speed skating race at St. Moritz only to lose his gold medal when thawing ice made it necessary to call the event off with no official winner.

Four years later, Jaffee won the 10,000 and the 5,000–meter races and local hero Jack Shea won at 500 and 1,500 meters as the U.S. swept all four speed skating events—which were run as actual races (not timed heats) for the first time in Olympic history.

Billy Fiske, who had driven the 5–man U.S. bobsled to a gold medal at St. Moritz when he was only 16, steered the 4–man sled to victory in 1932. On board was Eddie Eagan, the 1920 Olympic light heavyweight champion, who remains the only athlete ever to win gold medals in both the Winter and Summer Games.

Canada won its fourth consecutive hockey gold medal, but 38–year-old Gillis Grafstrom of Sweden missed in his bid for a fourth straight men's figure skating title, placing second to 22–year-old Austrian Karl Schafer.

Top 5 Standings

National medal standings are not recognized by the IOC. The unofficial point totals are based on 3 points for a gold medal, 2 for a silver and 1 for a bronze. Total medals are in parentheses.

1USA (12)64228
2Norway (10)34320
3Canada (7)11510
4Sweden (3)1207
5Finland (3)1116

Leading Medal Winners

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.

No SportG-S-B
2Irving Jaffee, USASp. Skate2-0-0
2Jack Shea, USASp. Skate2-0-0
2Veli Saarinen, FINX-country1-0-1
2Alex Hurd, CANSp. Skate0-1-1
2William Logan, CANSp. Skate0-0-2


Event  Time
2-ManUSA (J.Hubert Stevens & Curtis Stevens)8:14.74
4-ManUSA (Billy Fiske, Eddie Eagan,
Clifford Gray, Jay O'Brien)

Figure Skating

Event  Points
MenKarl Schäfer, AUT2602.0
WomenSonja Henie, NOR2302.5
PairsAndrée Joly Brunet & Pierre Brunet, FRA76.7

Ice Hockey

1Canada 65-0-111324
Note: Due to the worldwide Depression, only four teams competed. Each side played the other teams twice. Canada beat the U.S., 2–1, in their first game and tied the Americans, 2–2, in triple overtime in the second. A win by the U.S. in Game 2 would have resulted in a third contest to decide the gold medal.

Nordic Skiing

Cross Country

Event  Time  
18kmSven Utterström, SWE1:23.07 
50kmVeli Saarinen, FIN4:28.00 

Ski Jumping

Event  Points 
90mBirger Rudd, NOR228.1 

Nordic Combined

Event Points
18km/JumpJohan Gröttumsbråten, NOR446.00

Speed Skating

Event  Time  
500mJack Shea, USA43.4OR
1500mJack Shea, USA2:57.5 
5000mIrving Jaffee, USA9:40.8 
10,000mIrving Jaffee, USA19:13.6 
Note: For the only time in the history of the Winter Games, all events were staged as races rather than two-man heats against the clock.
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