Synonyms of assuage


1. pacify, lenify, conciliate, assuage, appease, mollify, placate, gentle, gruntle, calm, calm down, quiet, tranquilize, tranquillize, tranquillise, quieten, lull, still

usage: cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of; "She managed to mollify the angry customer"

2. quench, slake, allay, assuage, meet, satisfy, fill, fulfill, fulfil

usage: satisfy (thirst); "The cold water quenched his thirst"

3. relieve, alleviate, palliate, assuage, better, improve, amend, ameliorate, meliorate

usage: provide physical relief, as from pain; "This pill will relieve your headaches"

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Definition and meaning of assuage (Dictionary)