1. baking, creating from raw materials

usage: making bread or cake or pastry etc.

2. baking, cooking, cookery, preparation

usage: cooking by dry heat in an oven


1. bake, cook

usage: cook and make edible by putting in a hot oven; "bake the potatoes"

2. bake, create from raw material, create from raw stuff

usage: prepare with dry heat in an oven; "bake a cake"

3. broil, bake, heat, heat up

usage: heat by a natural force; "The sun broils the valley in the summer"

4. bake, broil, be

usage: be very hot, due to hot weather or exposure to the sun; "The town was broiling in the sun"; "the tourists were baking in the heat"


1. baking, baking hot, hot (vs. cold)

usage: as hot as if in an oven

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