Synonyms of basin


1. basin, vessel

usage: a bowl-shaped vessel; usually used for holding food or liquids; "she mixed the dough in a large basin"

2. basin, basinful, containerful

usage: the quantity that a basin will hold; "a basinful of water"

3. basin, natural depression, depression

usage: a natural depression in the surface of the land often with a lake at the bottom of it; "the basin of the Great Salt Lake"

4. river basin, basin, watershed, drainage basin, catchment area, catchment basin, drainage area, geographical area, geographic area, geographical region, geographic region

usage: the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries; an area characterized by all runoff being conveyed to the same outlet; "flood control in the Missouri basin"

5. washbasin, basin, washbowl, washstand, lavatory, sink

usage: a bathroom sink that is permanently installed and connected to a water supply and drainpipe; where you can wash your hands and face; "he ran some water in the basin and splashed it on his face"

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