Synonyms of blackened


1. blacken, melanize, melanise, nigrify, black, discolor, discolour, colour, color

usage: make or become black; "The smoke blackened the ceiling"; "The ceiling blackened"

2. char, blacken, sear, scorch, burn

usage: burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color; "The cook blackened the chicken breast"; "The fire charred the ceiling above the mantelpiece"; "the flames scorched the ceiling"


1. blackened, smoky (vs. smokeless)

usage: darkened by smoke; "blackened rafters"

2. black, blackened, colored (vs. uncolored), coloured, colorful

usage: (of the face) made black especially as with suffused blood; "a face black with fury"

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Definition and meaning of blackened (Dictionary)