1. surround, environ, ring, skirt, border, touch, adjoin, meet, contact

usage: extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle; "The forest surrounds my property"

2. bound, border, enclose, hold in, confine

usage: form the boundary of; be contiguous to

3. frame, frame in, border, enclose, close in, inclose, shut in

usage: enclose in or as if in a frame; "frame a picture"

4. border, edge, supply, provide, render, furnish

usage: provide with a border or edge; "edge the tablecloth with embroidery"

5. border, adjoin, edge, abut, march, butt, butt against, butt on, touch, adjoin, meet, contact

usage: lie adjacent to another or share a boundary; "Canada adjoins the U.S."; "England marches with Scotland"


1. bordered (vs. unbordered), boxed, deckled, deckle-edged, featheredged, edged, fringed, lined, sawtoothed-edged, seagirt, spiny-edged, white-edged, finite

usage: having a border especially of a specified kind; sometimes used as a combining term; "black-bordered handkerchief"

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