Synonyms of dealing


1. dealing, treatment, handling

usage: method or manner of conduct in relation to others; "honest dealing"

2. transaction, dealing, dealings, group action

usage: the act of transacting within or between groups (as carrying on commercial activities); "no transactions are possible without him"; "he has always been honest is his dealings with me"


1. cover, treat, handle, plow, deal, address, broach, initiate

usage: act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression; "This book deals with incest"; "The course covered all of Western Civilization"; "The new book treats the history of China"

2. consider, take, deal, look at, think about

usage: take into consideration for exemplifying purposes; "Take the case of China"; "Consider the following case"

3. deal, act, move

usage: take action with respect to (someone or something); "How are we going to deal with this problem?"; "The teacher knew how to deal with these lazy students"

4. cope, get by, make out, make do, contend, grapple, deal, manage, act, move

usage: come to terms with; "We got by on just a gallon of gas"; "They made do on half a loaf of bread every day"

5. distribute, administer, mete out, deal, parcel out, lot, dispense, shell out, deal out, dish out, allot, dole out, give

usage: administer or bestow, as in small portions; "administer critical remarks to everyone present"; "dole out some money"; "shell out pocket money for the children"; "deal a blow to someone"; "the machine dispenses soft drinks"

6. deal, sell, trade, transact

usage: do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood; "She deals in gold"; "The brothers sell shoes"

7. manage, deal, care, handle, control, command

usage: be in charge of, act on, or dispose of; "I can deal with this crew of workers"; "This blender can't handle nuts"; "She managed her parents' affairs after they got too old"

8. deal, behave, acquit, bear, deport, conduct, comport, carry

usage: behave in a certain way towards others; "He deals fairly with his employees"

9. deal, distribute, administer, mete out, deal, parcel out, lot, dispense, shell out, deal out, dish out, allot, dole out

usage: distribute cards to the players in a game; "Who's dealing?"

10. conduct, carry on, deal, manage, deal, care, handle

usage: direct the course of; manage or control; "You cannot conduct business like this"

11. share, divvy up, portion out, apportion, deal, distribute, give out, hand out, pass out

usage: give out as one's portion or share

12. deal, pass, hand, reach, pass on, turn over, give

usage: give (a specific card) to a player; "He dealt me the Queen of Spades"

13. deal, deal, sell, trade

usage: sell; "deal hashish"

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