Synonyms of echo


1. echo, reverberation, sound reflection, replication, reflection, reflexion, reflectivity

usage: the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves; "she could hear echoes of her own footsteps"

2. Echo, nymph

usage: (Greek mythology) a nymph who was spurned by Narcissus and pined away until only her voice remained

3. echo, reply, response

usage: a reply that repeats what has just been said

4. echo, reflection, reflexion, reflectivity

usage: a reflected television or radio or radar beam

5. echo, analogue, analog, parallel

usage: a close parallel of a feeling, idea, style, etc.; "his contention contains more than an echo of Rousseau"; "Napoleon III was an echo of the mighty Emperor but an infinitely better man"

6. echo, imitation

usage: an imitation or repetition; "the flower arrangement was created as an echo of a client's still life"


1. repeat, echo, utter, emit, let out, let loose

usage: to say again or imitate; "followers echoing the cries of their leaders"

2. resound, echo, ring, reverberate, sound, go

usage: ring or echo with sound; "the hall resounded with laughter"

3. echo, recall, resemble

usage: call to mind; "His words echoed John F. Kennedy"

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