Synonyms of emerging


1. emerge, appear

usage: come out into view, as from concealment; "Suddenly, the proprietor emerged from his office"

2. issue, emerge, come out, come forth, go forth, egress

usage: come out of; "Water issued from the hole in the wall"; "The words seemed to come out by themselves"

3. emerge, appear

usage: become known or apparent; "Some nice results emerged from the study"

4. emerge, surface, come up, rise up, rise

usage: come up to the surface of or rise; "He felt new emotions emerge"

5. come forth, emerge, originate, arise, rise, develop, uprise, spring up, grow

usage: happen or occur as a result of something


1. emerging, rising, future (vs. past) (vs. present)

usage: coming to maturity; "the rising generation"

2. emergent, emerging, nascent (vs. dying)

usage: coming into existence; "an emergent republic"

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