Synonyms of erupt


1. erupt, break out, begin, start

usage: start abruptly; "After 1989, peace broke out in the former East Bloc"

2. erupt, irrupt, flare up, flare, break open, burst out, intensify, deepen

usage: erupt or intensify suddenly; "Unrest erupted in the country"; "Tempers flared at the meeting"; "The crowd irrupted into a burst of patriotism"

3. erupt, ignite, catch fire, take fire, combust, conflagrate, change state, turn

usage: start to burn or burst into flames; "Marsh gases ignited suddenly"; "The oily rags combusted spontaneously"

4. erupt, come out, break through, push through, appear

usage: break out; "The tooth erupted and had to be extracted"

5. erupt, belch, extravasate, explode, burst

usage: become active and spew forth lava and rocks; "Vesuvius erupts once in a while"

6. break, burst, erupt, express emotion, express feelings

usage: force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up; "break into tears"; "erupt in anger"

7. erupt, appear

usage: appear on the skin; "A rash erupted on her arms after she had touched the exotic plant"

8. erupt, recrudesce, break out, trouble, ail, pain

usage: become raw or open; "He broke out in hives"; "My skin breaks out when I eat strawberries"; "Such boils tend to recrudesce"

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