Synonyms of idler


1. idler, loafer, do-nothing, layabout, bum, nonworker

usage: person who does no work; "a lazy bum"


1. idle (vs. busy), bone-idle, bone-lazy, faineant, indolent, lazy, otiose, slothful, work-shy, lackadaisical, leisured, unengaged, ineffective#1, uneffective#1, ineffectual, unemployed

usage: not in action or at work; "an idle laborer"; "idle drifters"; "the idle rich"; "an idle mind"

2. baseless, groundless, idle, unfounded, unwarranted, wild, unsupported (vs. supported)

usage: without a basis in reason or fact; "baseless gossip"; "the allegations proved groundless"; "idle fears"; "unfounded suspicions"; "unwarranted jealousy"

3. idle, unused, inactive (vs. active)

usage: not in active use; "the machinery sat idle during the strike"; "idle hands"

4. idle, light, frivolous (vs. serious)

usage: silly or trivial; "idle pleasure"; "light banter"; "light idle chatter"

5. idle, loose, irresponsible (vs. responsible)

usage: lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility; "idle talk"; "a loose tongue"

6. dead, idle, unprofitable (vs. profitable)

usage: not yielding a return; "dead capital"; "idle funds"

7. idle, jobless, out of work, unemployed (vs. employed)

usage: not having a job; "idle carpenters"; "jobless transients"; "many people in the area were out of work"

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