Synonyms of informative


1. enlightening (vs. unenlightening), informative, illuminating

usage: tending to increase knowledge or dissipate ignorance; "an enlightening glimpse of government in action"; "an illuminating lecture"

2. instructive (vs. uninstructive), informative, clarifying, elucidative, demonstrative, illustrative, didactic, didactical, doctrinaire, educative, educational, explanatory, expository, expositive, interpretative, interpretive, ostensive, preachy, informative#3, informatory

usage: serving to instruct or enlighten or inform

3. informative (vs. uninformative), informatory, advisory, consultative, consultatory, consultive, exemplifying, illustrative, newsy, revealing, telling, telltale(prenominal), instructive#1, informative

usage: providing or conveying information

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Definition and meaning of informative (Dictionary)