Synonyms of instant


1. blink of an eye, flash, heartbeat, instant, jiffy, split second, trice, twinkling, wink, New York minute, moment, mo, minute, second, bit

usage: a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat); "if I had the chance I'd do it in a flash"

2. moment, minute, second, instant, point, point in time

usage: a particular point in time; "the moment he arrived the party began"


1. instantaneous, instant(prenominal), fast (vs. slow)

usage: occurring with no delay; "relief was instantaneous"; "instant gratification"

2. instant, inst, present(prenominal) (vs. future) (vs. past)

usage: in or of the present month; "your letter of the 10th inst"

3. clamant, crying, exigent, insistent, instant, imperative (vs. beseeching)

usage: demanding attention; "clamant needs"; "a crying need"; "regarded literary questions as exigent and momentous"- H.L.Mencken; "insistent hunger"; "an instant need"

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