Synonyms of king crab


1. Alaska king crab, Alaskan king crab, king crab, Alaska crab, crab, crabmeat

usage: meat of large cold-water crab; mainly leg meat

2. European spider crab, king crab, Maja squinado, spider crab

usage: a large spider crab of Europe

3. king crab, Alaska crab, Alaskan king crab, Alaska king crab, Paralithodes camtschatica, crab

usage: large edible crab of northern Pacific waters especially along the coasts of Alaska and Japan

4. horseshoe crab, king crab, Limulus polyphemus, Xiphosurus polyphemus, arthropod

usage: large marine arthropod of the Atlantic coast of North America having a domed carapace that is shaped like a horseshoe and a stiff pointed tail; a living fossil related to the wood louse

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