Synonyms of legitimate


1. legalize, legalise, decriminalize, decriminalise, legitimize, legitimise, legitimate, legitimatize, legitimatise, permit, allow, let, countenance

usage: make legal; "Marijuana should be legalized"

2. legitimate, justify, vindicate

usage: show or affirm to be just and legitimate

3. legitimate, change, alter, modify

usage: make (an illegitimate child) legitimate; declare the legitimacy of (someone); "They legitimized their natural child"


1. legitimate (vs. illegitimate), lawfully-begotten, morganatic, left-handed, true(prenominal), lawful, rightful(prenominal), authorized#1, authorised, legal, valid

usage: of marriages and offspring; recognized as lawful

2. legitimate, logical, valid (vs. invalid)

usage: based on known statements or events or conditions; "rain was a logical expectation, given the time of year"

3. legitimate, established (vs. unestablished), constituted

usage: in accordance with recognized or accepted standards or principles; "legitimate advertising practices"

4. lawful, legitimate, licit, legal (vs. illegal)

usage: authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law; "a legitimate government"

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