Synonyms of measure


1. measure, step, maneuver, manoeuvre, tactical maneuver, tactical manoeuvre

usage: any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal; "the situation called for strong measures"; "the police took steps to reduce crime"

2. measure, quantity, amount, abstraction, abstract entity

usage: how much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify

3. bill, measure, legal document, legal instrument, official document, instrument

usage: a statute in draft before it becomes law; "they held a public hearing on the bill"

4. measurement, measuring, measure, mensuration, activity

usage: the act or process of assigning numbers to phenomena according to a rule; "the measurements were carefully done"; "his mental measurings proved remarkably accurate"

5. standard, criterion, measure, touchstone, system of measurement, metric

usage: a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated; "the schools comply with federal standards"; "they set the measure for all subsequent work"

6. meter, metre, measure, beat, cadence, poetic rhythm, rhythmic pattern, prosody

usage: (prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse

7. measure, bar, musical notation

usage: musical notation for a repeating pattern of musical beats; "the orchestra omitted the last twelve bars of the song"

8. measuring stick, measure, measuring rod, measuring instrument, measuring system, measuring device

usage: measuring instrument having a sequence of marks at regular intervals; used as a reference in making measurements

9. measure, container

usage: a container of some standard capacity that is used to obtain fixed amounts of a substance


1. measure, mensurate, measure out, decide, make up one's mind, determine

usage: determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of; "Measure the length of the wall"

2. quantify, measure, carry, convey, express

usage: express as a number or measure or quantity; "Can you quantify your results?"

3. measure, be

usage: have certain dimensions; "This table surfaces measures 20inches by 36 inches"

4. measure, evaluate, valuate, assess, appraise, value, evaluate, pass judgment, judge

usage: evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of; "I will have the family jewels appraised by a professional"; "access all the factors when taking a risk"

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