Synonyms of mellowness


1. mellowness, kindheartedness, kind-heartedness

usage: kindheartedness through maturity or old age

2. mellowness, taste, taste sensation, gustatory sensation, taste perception, gustatory perception

usage: a taste (especially of fruit) that is ripe and of full flavor

3. fullness, mellowness, richness, property

usage: the property of a sensation that is rich and pleasing; "the music had a fullness that echoed through the hall"; "the cheap wine had no body, no mellowness"; "he was well aware of the richness of his own appearance"

4. mellowness, shade, tint, tincture, tone

usage: a soft shade of a color; "a mellowness of light and shade not attainable in marble"

5. mellowness, affability, affableness, amiability, amiableness, bonhomie, geniality

usage: geniality, as through the effects of alcohol or marijuana

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