1. thaw, melt, thawing, melting, heating, warming, phase change, phase transition, state change, physical change

usage: the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid; "the power failure caused a refrigerator melt that was a disaster"; "the thawing of a frozen turkey takes several hours"


1. melt, run, melt down, dissolve, resolve, break up

usage: reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating; "melt butter"; "melt down gold"; "The wax melted in the sun"

2. dissolve, thaw, unfreeze, unthaw, dethaw, melt, liquefy, flux, liquify

usage: become or cause to become soft or liquid; "The sun melted the ice"; "the ice thawed"; "the ice cream melted"; "The heat melted the wax"; "The giant iceberg dissolved over the years during the global warming phase"; "dethaw the meat"

3. mellow, melt, mellow out, change

usage: become more relaxed, easygoing, or genial; "With age, he mellowed"

4. melt, meld, blend, flux, mix, conflate, commingle, immix, fuse, coalesce, meld, combine, merge

usage: lose its distinct outline or shape; blend gradually; "Hundreds of actors were melting into the scene"

5. fade, melt, weaken

usage: become less clearly visible or distinguishable; disappear gradually or seemingly; "The scene begins to fade"; "The tree trunks are melting into the forest at dusk"

6. melt, disappear, evaporate, weaken

usage: become less intense and fade away gradually; "her resistance melted under his charm"; "her hopes evaporated after years of waiting for her fiance"

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