Synonyms of merging


1. merging, meeting, coming together, convergence, converging, convergency

usage: the act of joining together as one; "the merging of the two groups occurred quickly"; "there was no meeting of minds"

2. confluence, conflux, merging, blend, blending

usage: a flowing together


1. unify, unite, merge, integrate

usage: become one; "Germany unified officially in 1990"; "the cells merge"

2. blend, flux, mix, conflate, commingle, immix, fuse, coalesce, meld, combine, merge, change integrity

usage: mix together different elements; "The colors blend well"

3. unite, unify, merge, change, alter, modify

usage: join or combine; "We merged our resources"


1. confluent, merging(prenominal), convergent (vs. divergent)

usage: flowing together

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