1. mire, quagmire, quag, morass, slack, bog, peat bog

usage: a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot

2. slop, mire, mud, clay

usage: deep soft mud in water or slush; "they waded through the slop"

3. mire, difficulty

usage: a difficulty or embarrassment that is hard to extricate yourself from; "the country is still trying to climb out of the mire left by its previous president"; "caught in the mire of poverty"


1. entangle, mire, involve

usage: entrap; "Our people should not be mired in the past"

2. mire, bog down

usage: cause to get stuck as if in a mire; "The mud mired our cart"

3. grind to a halt, get stuck, bog down, mire, stand still

usage: be unable to move further; "The car bogged down in the sand"

4. mire, muck, mud, muck up, dirty, soil, begrime, grime, colly, bemire

usage: soil with mud, muck, or mire; "The child mucked up his shirt while playing ball in the garden"

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