Synonyms of operating


1. operate, run, direct

usage: direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.; "She is running a relief operation in the Sudan"

2. function, work, operate, go, run

usage: perform as expected when applied; "The washing machine won't go unless it's plugged in"; "Does this old car still run well?"; "This old radio doesn't work anymore"

3. operate, control, manipulate

usage: handle and cause to function; "do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol"; "control the lever"

4. manoeuver, maneuver, manoeuvre, operate, move, go

usage: perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense

5. operate, happen, hap, go on, pass off, occur, pass, fall out, come about, take place

usage: happen; "What is going on in the minds of the people?"

6. engage, mesh, lock, operate, move, displace

usage: keep engaged; "engaged the gears"

7. operate on, operate, treat, care for

usage: perform surgery on; "The doctors operated on the patient but failed to save his life"


1. operating

usage: involved in a kind of operation; "the operating conditions of the oxidation pond"

2. operational, in operation(predicate), operating(prenominal), operative (vs. inoperative)

usage: being in effect or operation; "de facto apartheid is still operational even in the `new' African nations"- Leslie Marmon Silko; "bus service is in operation during the emergency"; "the company had several operating divisions"

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