Synonyms of ordained


1. ordain, enact, decree

usage: order by virtue of superior authority; decree; "The King ordained the persecution and expulsion of the Jews"; "the legislature enacted this law in 1985"

2. ordain, consecrate, ordinate, order, invest, vest, enthrone

usage: appoint to a clerical posts; "he was ordained in the Church"

3. ordain, invest, vest, enthrone

usage: invest with ministerial or priestly authority; "The minister was ordained only last month"

4. ordain, decree

usage: issue an order


1. appointed, decreed, ordained, prescribed, settled (vs. unsettled)

usage: fixed or established especially by order or command; "at the time appointed (or the appointed time")

2. ordained, consecrated (vs. desecrated), consecrate, dedicated

usage: invested with ministerial or priestly functions; "an ordained priest"

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