Synonyms of out of the way


1. out-of-the-way, unusual (vs. usual)

usage: out of the ordinary; "out-of-the-way information"

2. out-of-the-way, improper (vs. proper)

usage: improper or even offensive; "out-of-the-way remarks"

3. off the beaten track(predicate), out-of-the-way(prenominal), far (vs. near)

usage: remote from populous or much-traveled regions; "they found a quiet out-of-the-way resort"


1. out of the way

usage: extraordinary; unusual; "such erratic behavior was out of the way for him"

2. out of the way

usage: improper; amiss;

3. out of the way

usage: in a remote location or at a distance from the usual route; "the restaurant is top-notch, but a little out of the way"

4. out of the way

usage: murdered; "the mob boss wanted his rival out of the way"

5. out of the way

usage: dealt with; disposed of; "I'm so relieved that my midterm is out of the way"

6. out of the way

usage: so as not to obstruct or hinder; "put that box out of the way so that no one trips on it"

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