1. racing, sport, athletics

usage: the sport of engaging in contests of speed


1. rush, hotfoot, hasten, hie, speed, race, pelt along, rush along, cannonball along, bucket along, belt along, step on it, travel, go, move, locomote

usage: move fast; "He rushed down the hall to receive his guests"; "The cars raced down the street"

2. race, run, compete, vie, contend

usage: compete in a race; "he is running the Marathon this year"; "let's race and see who gets there first"

3. race, act, move

usage: to work as fast as possible towards a goal, sometimes in competition with others; "We are racing to find a cure for AIDS"

4. race, rush, move, displace

usage: cause to move fast or to rush or race; "The psychologist raced the rats through a long maze"

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