Synonyms of resign


1. vacate, resign, renounce, give up, leave office, quit, step down, resign

usage: leave (a job, post, or position) voluntarily; "She vacated the position when she got pregnant"; "The chairman resigned when he was found to have misappropriated funds"

2. leave office, quit, step down, resign, leave, depart, pull up stakes

usage: give up or retire from a position; "The Secretary of the Navy will leave office next month"; "The chairman resigned over the financial scandal"

3. release, relinquish, resign, free, give up, pass, hand, reach, pass on, turn over, give

usage: part with a possession or right; "I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest"; "resign a claim to the throne"

4. resign, reconcile, submit, accept

usage: accept as inevitable; "He resigned himself to his fate"

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