Synonyms of ringed


1. ring, peal, sound, go

usage: sound loudly and sonorously; "the bells rang"

2. resound, echo, ring, reverberate, sound, go

usage: ring or echo with sound; "the hall resounded with laughter"

3. ring, knell, sound

usage: make (bells) ring, often for the purposes of musical edification; "Ring the bells"; "My uncle rings every Sunday at the local church"

4. call, telephone, call up, phone, ring, telecommunicate

usage: get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone; "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"

5. surround, environ, ring, skirt, border, touch, adjoin, meet, contact

usage: extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle; "The forest surrounds my property"

6. ring, band, attach

usage: attach a ring to the foot of, in order to identify; "ring birds"; "band the geese to observe their migratory patterns"


1. annular, annulate, annulated, circinate, ringed, ring-shaped, doughnut-shaped, rounded (vs. angular)

usage: shaped like a ring

2. ringed, patterned (vs. plain)

usage: having colored rings around the body

3. ringed, married (vs. unmarried)

usage: wearing a wedding ring; lawfully married; "a ringed wife"- Tennyson

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