Synonyms of rounding


1. rounding, rounding error, miscalculation, misreckoning, misestimation

usage: (mathematics) a miscalculation that results from rounding off numbers to a convenient number of decimals; "the error in the calculation was attributable to rounding"; "taxes are rounded off to the nearest dollar but the rounding error is surprisingly small"


1. round, travel, go, move, locomote

usage: wind around; move along a circular course; "round the bend"

2. round, round out, round off, shape, form

usage: make round; "round the edges"

3. round, labialize, labialise, pronounce, articulate, enounce, sound out, enunciate, say

usage: pronounce with rounded lips

4. attack, round, assail, lash out, snipe, assault, knock, criticize, criticise, pick apart

usage: attack in speech or writing; "The editors of the left-leaning paper attacked the new House Speaker"

5. polish, round, round off, polish up, brush up, perfect, hone

usage: bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state; "polish your social manners"

6. round off, round down, round out, round, change, alter, modify

usage: express as a round number; "round off the amount"

7. round, flesh out, fill out, gain, put on

usage: become round, plump, or shapely; "The young woman is fleshing out"

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