Synonyms of skirting


1. hedge, fudge, evade, put off, circumvent, parry, elude, skirt, dodge, duck, sidestep, avoid

usage: avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues); "He dodged the issue"; "she skirted the problem"; "They tend to evade their responsibilities"; "he evaded the questions skillfully"

2. skirt, travel by, pass by, surpass, go past, go by, pass

usage: pass around or about; move along the border; "The boat skirted the coast"

3. skirt, bound, border

usage: form the edge of

4. surround, environ, ring, skirt, border, touch, adjoin, meet, contact

usage: extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle; "The forest surrounds my property"


1. encircling(prenominal), skirting(prenominal), peripheral (vs. central)

usage: being all around the edges; enclosing; "his encircling arms"; "the room's skirting board needs painting"

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Definition and meaning of skirting (Dictionary)