Synonyms of snag


1. snag, bulge, bump, hump, swelling, gibbosity, gibbousness, jut, prominence, protuberance, protrusion, extrusion, excrescence

usage: a sharp protuberance

2. snag, tree

usage: a dead tree that is still standing, usually in an undisturbed forest; "a snag can provide food and a habitat for insects and birds"

3. rip, rent, snag, split, tear, opening, gap

usage: an opening made forcibly as by pulling apart; "there was a rip in his pants"; "she had snags in her stockings"

4. hang-up, hitch, rub, snag, obstacle, obstruction

usage: an unforeseen obstacle


1. snag, hitch, catch

usage: catch on a snag; "I snagged my stocking"

2. snag, obtain

usage: get by acting quickly and smartly; "snag a bargain"

3. snag, hew

usage: hew jaggedly

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